Ksar Tin Hinan

Luxury Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi

Our luxury desert camp lies in the dunes of the Erg Chebbi sand sea.

There are seven private bedroom tents inside which you will find everything you need for your comfort including a wooden floor raised off the sand, 4-poster bed (easily split into two beds if you want a twin-share tent with two beds), hotel quality mattress, lovely linen, hand-made wool blankets, tribal rugs and water.

Remember that you are in a challenging and inhospitable environment where electricity does not arrive in a wire and water does not arrive in a pipe from a distant reservoir. Ambient lighting, which you will not find bright enough for reading, is provided by solar energy/generator and water is pumped from a 10m well on the site; both are switched off when you go to bed so that you have a peaceful night (as they are noisy in the still of the night) and turned back on early in the morning. Please ensure this is suitable for you and ask if you are unsure i.e. if you use a CPAP machine to sleep at night.

This is desert camping in Erg Chebbi at its best and each tent has an attached private bathroom tent containing a shower, wash basin, toiletries, towels and a flushing toilet.

On arrival in the camp, enjoy a short camel ride with a desert guide or sit quietly on a close dune to watch the sunset before settling in for the night.

Dinner al fresco is served under the stars with candle lanterns adding to the atmosphere. On nights when the wind blows we use our comfortable dining tent.

Wake early to climb a close dune and sit, in the pre-dawn stillness, to watch the sunrise across a desert landscape. After breakfast, when you are ready, a driver will pick you up and continue on your travels.

Join us for two nights with us and include a day to relax to the pace of desert life and explore the environment with your driver i.e. listen to Gnawa Musicians in the small village of Khamlia as they twirl to the traditional rhythms of the desert, hire dune buggies and ride the dunes with a desert guide, visit a Berber desert family on the hammada (flat black desert) for a glass of mint tea, read a good and walk in the immediate dunes, walk around a seasonal lake in March and April where you may see flamingos, visit a hotel for a swim and time to relax pool-side.